Gay Pride Month in Korea
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Happy birthday, 'Merica!

Happy 238th birthday, America!  Celebrating the US of A when you're not in the USA is a little unusual. But the Two Crabs have been overseas nearly every July 4 for the past 9 years including London, Bahrain and now Korea.  And nowhere was the mood more festive, more "American" than here in Seoul. 

The party began on July 3, when US Embassy Seoul hosted the annual Independence Day. Like most Embassies, "National Day" festivities are an occasion to rub elbows with our host nation government, military and business contacts and leaders. Embassy Seoul's Independence Day event was a huge event, featuring more than 1,500 guests, with special guest White House Chef Sam Kass who created the evening's American-Korean fusion menu. The event featured a live performance by Nanta, a Korean performance group similar to "Stomp" or Blue Man Group.

Today, July 4, Yongsan Army Garrison - the largest US military base in Korea - hosted a day-long party including BBQ, K-pop concert, and what was the most incredible July 4 fireworks display we've ever seen! It puts my hometown fireworks display to shame!  We watched the fireworks alongside thousands of US military and Foreign Service members, families and private American citizen expats living in Korea. Despite the many miles from home, today we feel especially proud to be American!