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Have Cat, Will Travel: The good, bad & ugly of traveling abroad with pets

We're in Korea!

IMG_4037The Two Crabs have arrived at our new home in Seoul, South Korea! Slightly jet-lagged (typing this entry at 4am) but no worse for the wear. Our house is slightly smaller than our second place in Bahrain, but feels a lot more cozy. Our kitty has adjusted very well, although the trip here for Habibi was not exactly pleasant (more on that in our next blog entry). 

Folks might be surprised to learn that we are living on a US Army base. Mr. & Mrs Crab are both prior Army so we are not unfamiliar with military life. But it's kind of a strange existance. We are civilians but living the military lifestyle!  This base is HUGE. It's little America with movie theaters, bowling alleys, commissary, PX, American fast food places, everyone takes U.S. dollars and speaks English, and even our housing has 110-volt and U.S. plugs even though Korea is 220v with European-style plugs.  It's easy to see why some servicemembers serve their entire tour and never leave the base. But just 5 minutes outside our gate is another country. Hope to do some exploring this weekend, after we adjust to the time zone!

On Monday, I start my new job. Wish me luck!