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Congratulations, President Obama! Readers, whether you agree or disagree with the results, you have just witnessed American democracy in action. The system may not be perfect, but it's still the envy of people around the world. As Foreign Service Officers -- as do our brothers & sisters in uniform -- we swore to defend the U.S. Constitution and follow the orders of the President, whether Republican or Democrat. Special kudos to my colleagues who hosted election viewing parties at American Corners around the world! Check out some party photos from U.S. Embassies around the world:



Voter apathy is absolutely PATHETIC.  As a first-generation American, U.S. Army veteran and now U.S. government civil servant, I will never understand voter apathy.  Especially from women and minorities who only earned the right to vote fairly recently in American history.  

I've heard all the lame excuses before: All politicians are the same.  My vote doesn't count. It takes too much time.  It's too complicated.  I don't know where/how to vote.  Nothing will change.  All politicians are liars.  

Maybe so.

But if more people took the time to vote for elected officials than vote for American Idol winners, politicians would be held accountable to the people. I have yet to hear a justifiable reason for not voting. 

Maybe Americans need a reality check. In the course of our history, our fellow Americans DIED for your right to vote.  In many countries today, people are still dying for their right to vote or to even speak out against their government.

Wake up, America.  Not only is voting your right, it is your civic duty as an American citizen.  I don't care who you vote for tomorrow. Just VOTE! 

Ain't That America!

It's been a while since we've updated this blog, and for that I apologize.  So here's a quick recap of what the Two Crabs have been doing since August:

--A three-week, cross-country, driving and camping trip through 28 states from Virginia to Idaho to Maine to New Orleans and back to DC!  We took "Home Leave" to heart, getting reaquainted with America, the Beautiful. I've posted a few photos from our trip below. After this trip, Mr. Crab has visited 46 of the 50 U.S. states (I'm missing Mississippi, Alabama, Oregon and North Dakota!). 

--Language training. In early September, Mr. Crab began intensive, full-time Korean language training. I will draft a separate post about language training. It's a challenging and difficult assignment, but quite exciting to get paid to learn a new language.

--Remodeling. Mrs. Crab has been diligently taking the lead on remodeling our kitchen and bathroom. We'll be glad when this is all over!

--Reconnecting with friends and family.  As DC/Baltimore natives, the Two Crabs are enjoying living, working and playing in our hometowns ... the first time in 7 years that we have lived in the States!

And with that, a few scenes from our trip through America, The Beautiful:

IMG_7042 IMG_7893