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A more realistic Foreign Service exam

One of my favorite "taskers" at Embassy Manama is administering the Foreign Service Officer Test, which we host about three times a year. It's one of my favorite extra-curricular activities and I love being able to mentor and share my experiences to Foreign Service candidates.  One night over drinks, a group of ELOs (Entry Level Officers) were chatting about our own experiences taking the FSOT, and how we could possibly make it more realistic. Such as:

--In the middle of writing the Essay, you must stop what you are doing because you have been assigned to serve as Control Officer for a visiting dignitary.  Immediately draft a proposed schedule for the VIP, who is arriving tomorrow morning. The countdown clock on the essay will continue to run and you must complete BOTH tasks in the alloted time. Additionally, sometime during the course of this exercise, the entire computer system will be shut down randomly for a simulation of a network outage. Go! 

The suggestions got a crazier as the night went on, but you get the idea.  So, dear readers, how would YOU make the FSOT more realistic? Funniest idea wins a prize of my chosing. :o)