New reality of Foreign Service hiring
2010: The Year in Review

We're famous @

The Department of State's official website was completely redesigned this week and -- surprise, surprise -- Two Crabs has made the short Blog Roll of Foreign Service-authored blogs!  The Forum/Blogs page notes: "The U.S. Department of State provides an inclusive atmosphere and collaborative environment in which all employees are encouraged to communicate and exchange information."

We are truly honored, especially considering the fact that there are now probably hundreds of FS blogs (some of which are linked to the left of this page). I guess this means we'll now have to be EXTRA careful about what we post! 

  Special thanks and shout-out to all the hard-working folks at  If you have a moment, surf their new site and check out the great interactive tools, learn about the Foreign Service and what we do, read and watch interviews with current Foreign Service Officers & Specialists, and register to take the February 2011 test!  The list of overseas sites offering the FSOT was released today, and I can now confirm that Embassy Manama is proud to host the FSOT.  

Click HERE to get more information on the FSOT and FSO selection process.  You can register to take the test now. Seat scheduling begins JANUARY 3, 2011. If you intend to take the test, do not delay registration or seat scheduling. Many test sites, especially overseas locations, have limited seats.

Good luck!