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Friendly Reminder: NDA!

Congratulations to everyone who passed the most recent round of the Foreign Service Officers Test (FSOT). HOWEVER, it's come to my attention that many new candidates are either unaware or simply choose to ignore the seriousness of the NDA: The Non-Disclosure Agreement.  Several people have either posted comments on my blog or sent me private e-mails that are in clear violation of the NDA.  Let me remind you that when you took the FSOT, you had to sign a mandatory document that promised you would not reveal the specific contents of the exam including specific questions, essay topics, etc., in any format whatsoever including blogs, posts, comments, e-mails, posts on the FS Yahoo boards, phone calls or even private conversations with your friends. The Department of State's Board of Examiners (BEX) takes violations very seriously. VIOLATIONS OF THE NDA CAN AND WILL RESULT IN THE TERMINATION OF YOUR FOREIGN SERVICE CANDIDACY.

Thank you for your attention. 

PS: Please note that the comments feature on my blog is now moderated. If you post a comment, it will not be visible until I personally read and approve every comment.