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Goodbye, London!

N654160108_4788958_9327  After 4 years and 8 months in England, Mr. Crab has moved back to America the Beautiful. (I'm posting this blog entry from United Airlines' Red Carpet lounge at Chicago O'Hare!).  Mrs. Crab is joining me in Washington in a few short weeks.

Everyone asks us what we are going to miss most about London life. And without a doubt, it's the pub lifestyle. Pubs in London are not just places to drink; they are an extension of one's living room. Everyone in England has their "local", their own pub they call their second home. It's a room where locals gather to socialize, talk politics and current events, play board games, play pub quiz nights or enjoy a Sunday Roast (roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and veg). A proper British pub will serve a good selection of pulls: a proper pint of bitter ale (contrary to public opinion, British beer is usually basement temperature: cool but not ice-cold). During our nearly five years in London, we had three separate locals. Our favorite London pub was The Charles Lamb in Angel-Islington. If you're ever in London, we highly recommend it. Great beer, great French-British gastropub cuisine and great pub dog Mascha! 

Our other favorite aspect of living in London was the location, affording us the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. Two hours by Eurostar high-speed train to Paris. A 45 minute flight to Amsterdam. Or how about a 90 minute flight to Munich and Berlin. Or an overnight ferry across the North Sea to Holland. During our five years, we probably saw more of Europe than the UK!

They say American and England are two countries divided by a common language. It's a little more complex than that. I could spend hours blogging about the pros and cons of life in London. Sure we had our ups and downs, just like life anywhere. But for the most part, living in London was a great experience, and a great introduction to our new life and career. Sure I have mixed feelings about moving home (temporarily), but so excited about starting my new Foreign Service Career! 

Tomorrow: Las Vegas!!