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The road to the Foreign Service, update #3

From Mr. Crab:  Last week, I completed my State Dept. medical clearance in Washington. I received a Class 1 medical clearance, which means I can now serve anywhere in the world. Lucky me. Kazakhstan, here I come!  :o)

Meanwhile, my State security background check is now well underway. I had my first interview with a security agent on Sunday, Mother's Day. We spent 3 hours talking about every little facet of my past life. Now it sitting here in "hurry up & wait" mode. 

A recap of my FS history to date:

12/2007: Took and passed the FSOT (without studying!)
4/2008: Passed QEP
6/2008: Flunked FSOA with 5.0 score
11/2008: Retook FSOT (studied for two weeks). Passed again.
2/2009: Passed QEP
4/15: Passed FSOA with a score of 5.40
5/1: Veterans bonus points added to OA score. New score 5.575
5/5: First medical exam at State Medical Clinic in Washington
5/7: Second medical exam. Class 1 Medical Clearance issued
5/10: First DSS interview.

So far, none of my references have been contacted. Updates to follow! 

Incidentally, based on the questions asked, the biggest security concern seems to be financial history. You are considered a major security risk if you have bankruptcy, bad credit, debt, unpaid student loans, unpaid child support, unpaid taxes, etc. Bad credit is considered way more serious offense than past youthful indiscretions like, say, toking up in college or underage drinking. If your credit history is a mess, start repairing it now!