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Lonely Planet IRAQ!

Picture 2  I am pleased to announce that my Lonely Planet travel guide to IRAQ is going on sale today. This is the first real travel guide to Iraq in nearly 20 years!  It's part of the Lonely Planet Middle East guidebook (6th edition, May 2009).  My chapter covers the entire country but is particularly focused on Iraqi Kurdistan -- the safe, peaceful, pro-American northern provinces known as "The Other Iraq."

Inside you'll find detailed guides to Kurdish regions of Zahko, Erbil, Dohuk, Sulaymaniyah, Lalish, The Hamilton Road, Amadiya, Halabja and beyond, instructions for getting into and out of Iraq safely, information on history, culture, food, transportation, and much much more!

Please click here to purchase this book from!  It's currently listed on the website as "not yet available" but it should be shipping any minute now.