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I'm a published author!

IMG_3508   Wee! Look at me!  I'm finally a published author. Nearly a year after my first research assignment for Lonely Planet travel guides, I'm finally seeing the fruits of my labor.  The Lonely Planet Mexico guidebook was published on Sept. 1, 2008.  (Though I was supposed to receive my free authors copies a month before publication, I only received the books last week. In fact, the first time I saw the book was at a Borders inside Miami International Airport on my way back from Colombia!). 

I also contributed a chapter to Lonely Planet Flightless: Incredible Journeys Without Leaving the Ground, an anthology of travel essays that was published in July.  Next up: Lonely Planet Middle East - Iraq Chapter (pub date May 2009) and am currently co-writing the next edition of Lonely Planet Colombia (mid 2009).   

Click on the links above or on the right sidebar to buy my books!  And to answer everyone's most common question:  NO, I unfortunately do not receive royalties from book sales. But by purchasing the book, you will at least keep me gainfully employed!  Thanks for your patronage!  :o)