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On Strike

--Mrs. Crab has been home for the past few days because she's on strike!  Actually, the teaching assistants and other government workers in the UK are on strike including garbage collectors.  We saw a few strikers marching up our road yesterday.   Europeans go on strike about as often as we Yanks change our underwear. The French and Germans are particularly adept at strikes, usually to complain about threats to their precious 35-hour work-week or six weeks of mandatory paid vacation.  But the Brits aren't far behind. The strangest things about European strikes is that they are announced well in advance, and only for a set amount of time, whereas in the US unions will go on strike until their demands are met or at least a compromise.  What's the point of saying you're going on strike, say, on Aug. 4 for 48 hours only?  Go figure.

Guys & Dolls
Mrs. Crab's school (The "Fame" of East London) put on a performance of Guys & Dolls this week. Mr. Crab shot the official photos for the production. And I must say I was quite surprised. It was a great show. The girl who played Miss Adelaide was absolutely brilliant. And her American New York accent was spot-on!  I'm always impressed by her school productions. It was WAY better than the last "professional" play we saw in London...Ibsen's Rosmersholm: Two-and-a-half-hours of dreadfully-boring dialogue and so-so acting.  Talk about a snooze-fest!

London news story of the day
LONDON (Reuters) - A Briton has been arrested on suspicion of carrying out a series of sex attacks on sheep, London police said on Friday. The 27-year-old man was held at his home in Dulwich, south London, on suspicion of bestiality with sheep. He was also wanted in connection of the possession of drugs with intent to supply. Detectives said the arrest followed allegations made to them in May and June. "Two male joggers said they had observed a man molesting the sheep in a field at Botany Bay Lane, Chislehurst," police said in a statement. "A similar incident was reported to police by a stables employee in the area." Media reports said the man had been barred from visiting farmland while officers carried out their investigation.

Bluecrab  Goodbye, Blue Crabs
AP had a depressing story about this disappearing fate of the Maryland Blue Crab from the Chesapeake Bay, and with it, a way of life. Even more shocking is the news that crabs are now selling for $200 a bushel!  Dag butchie!