Dumb Americans, part 5
Dubya in London

Next up: South America

Co-mapFrom Mr. Crab:  In August, I'll be traveling to Colombia, Brazil and Peru on assignment for Lonely Planet. This trip will mark my first visit to South America, and the first time I've traveled south of the Equator. One of these nations will also be the 50th country I've visited in my lifetime. My goal is to travel to 100 countries by the time I turn 40, but I think age 50 is probably more realistic.  ;o)

I'll be covering the region northeast of Bogota including Bucaramanga and Cucuta. I'll also be hitting the southeast Amazon River basin. That's the tiny bit on the bottom-right of this map, identified by the only city of any substantial size there: Leticia. 

But first up will be two separate trips back to the U.S. of A. More details on that later.