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President Bush in London

Dubya in London

Bush_queen   President Bush, on his "Farewell Tour" through Europe, will be in London this Sunday. On his to-do list: tea with Queen Elizabeth II and her hubby Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh; and dinner with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at No. 10 Downing Street. Bush will receive a State welcome, but Londoners won't be as hospitable. Thousands of protesters are planning to converge downtown including the Stop The War Coalition and even a group of American Expats in London!

The anti-war folks are vowing to defy a ban on protest marches near the Parliament building and Downing St.  Whether any protesters will show up remains to be seen. Bush has actually received a relatively warm welcome on his stops in Slovenia and Berlin this week. He'll be in Rome tomorrow, Paris on Friday & Saturday, London on Sunday and wrap it up with a visit to Belfast on Monday.