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Memories of Hillary

As the whole world has heard by now, Hillary Clinton is in hot water for claiming she "landed under sniper fire" during her March 1996 visit to Bosnia.  I had forgotten all about that Bosnia visit until this controversy blew up last week.

You see, I was in Bosnia when Hillary visited. At the time, I was a young U.S. Army military journalist stationed at Eagle Base Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina during the NATO peacekeeping mission dubbed Operation Joint Endeavor. And as you can see from the photo above, I (Mr. Crab) met Hillary and daughter Chelsea. Our public affairs unit spent the day covering her arrival ceremony and visit with the troops. And I can assure you, at no time was Hillary, Chelsea or anybody else ever under fire that day.  In fact, during my entire six-month tour in Bosnia, I never saw or heard a single shot fired in anger.  We worked in the public affairs office. And believe you me, we would have heard about it if she or her plane had come under fire. 

Hillary now says she "misspoke" about the incident. I'm not sure what she thought she would gain by such an exaggeration. But the bigger question was, did she actually think the 20,000 U.S. soldiers or dozens of journalists in Bosnia at the time would not call her on that claim? 

Oh that wacky Hillary!