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When is a country not a country?

What things cost: London vs. NYC

Gallon of Gas
New York: $3.12
London: $8.06

Half-gallon of milk
New York: $2.29
London: $2.80

Gallon of bottled-water
New York: $1.59
London: $2.20

Movie ticket*
New York: $12.00
London: $19.64

Pint of beer**
New York: $6.00
London: $5.45

Starbucks Grande Latte
New York: $4.06
London: $4.77

* - Here in London, there is no such thing as matinee or "early-bird" discount. Adult movie tickets are the same price, day or night, weekday or weekend. Children and seniors are slightly cheaper.

** - Fox failed to point out that you get much more for your beer money in London than New York. A British Imperial pint of beer is 20 ounces; a U.S. pint is only 16 ounces.  Not to mention the fact that British beer is a lot stronger and better-tasting than most of what passes for beer in America!