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London: Capital of the World


Capt1b5310a924af4d10994e9ae091b3b12 From Mr. Crab:  Having worked many years as a celebrity news and "gossip" reporter, few stories about teh rich and famous surprise me anymore. This morning, I woke up and logged onto the web and was shocked -- SHOCKED -- at the news that preteen idol Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. She's 16. SIXTEEN!  Wonder how they're going to write that into the script of Zoey 101! 

The second big story of the day was the National Enquirer revelation that 2008 Presidential Candidate John Edwards may have impregnated a staffer, while his wife is at home suffering from cancer.  John_edwards_133569a That's still developing, and the skeptics will point out that the source is a supermarket tabloid. But in my experience, these types of Enquirer stories almost always turn out to be true. 

Ok back to the grind....

UPDATE: Virgin Radio is reporting that London pop singer Lily Alley is also pregnant!  What the hell is going on today!?