Christmas in London, 2007
Today's top story in London

Murder in Angel

On Thursday, a teenager was stabbed to death in broad daylight just a few blocks from our flat on Upper Street, the main shopping district in London's "Angel" neighborhood.  A second boy was stabbed and wounded in the attack and was airlifted by this chopper to hospital.Two people were arrested but have not yet been charged in the attack.

We were doing chores at home when we suddenly heard this helicopter roaring just feet above our building. It landed directly behind us in the parking lot of the Business Design Center, a small neighborhood convention center attached to the Hilton Hotel.  Police cordoned off the street for more than 24 hours after the attack, blocking almost all traffic and bringing an eerie silence to our normally bustling street.   A tent was placed over the scene of the crime while police conducted their investigation. After they finished, the removed the tent and "crime scene" tape and hosed down the sidewalk. A small shrine with flowers, candles and cards now lies on the sidewalk near where the boy died. 

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