Greetings from Cuyutlan, Mexico

As seen in The Washington Post!


After years of rejected job applications, unanswered phone calls and e-mails and outright begging, I've finally landed on the pages of The Washington Post...but not exactly how I expected!  This photo -- taken way back in 1999 when I was a young cub reporter -- appeared in last Sunday's Post in an article about The Greaseman.  Enjoy.

Incidentally, I'm back from my month-long trip to Mexico. I'll get around to regular blogging again someday soon, but I will be swamped for the next few weeks. I've got a 25,000-word book chapter to write before Christmas. And next week, I'm taking the Foreign Service Exam, the first in the long road to becoming a U.S. Foreign Service Officer.  Wish me luck!

Mr. Crab