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Welcome to London. Now BUGGER OFF!

Londontube The Two Crabs have returned to London after a three-week (too) long vacation in Baltimore-Washington area. Our first dilemma? London's Tube engineers decided this would be a good week to go on strike.

ALL but three lines of the London Underground system have been brought to a standstill.  Hundreds of thousands -- if not millions -- of commuters had to find a new way to work today. The buses are jam-packed. The streets are clogged with traffic. Even the sidewalks are packed with more pedestrians than usual.

It's no coincidence that the union picked today to launch their three-day strike.  This is the first week of school in London. Children, teachers and staff rely on the Tube to get to school (With the exception of handicapped kids, most students take public transportation to school). Mrs. Crab's usual 25 minute commute turned into a 65 minute ordeal involving a mile-plus walk to catch the 277 bus for the long ride to work.

Today's Evening Standard newspaper had a front-page picture of union boss Bob Crow under the headline: "This is the man responsible for London's chaos". 

The London Underground strike is scheduled to last through Thursday. Even worse:  Another 72-hour strike is set to begin Sept. 10...the day before my buddy "Blushing Whale" arrives from Washington for a long stay in Europe! 

Maybe somebody can explain to me the logic behind union strikes conducted by a few that affect many...cuz I just don't get it.