Things that go boom in London
And the rockets' red glare...

Terror returns to London

Picture_2 The United Kingdom's terrorist alert level was raised to its highest level this evening after a third attempted terrorist attack in two days. Britain is now on critical alert, meaning that a terrorist attack is "imminent".

The latest incident occurred this afternoon when two hell-bound idiots crashed a flaming SUV into Glasgow International Airport in Scotland.  This follows yesterday's shockers that two car bombs had been discovered in central London.  The news has dominated newspapers and television.

Uk_tg That said, Londoners don't seem to be changing their patterns. Restaurants, bars and clubs are still packed with revelers. London's annual gay pride parade still went off without a hitch. And this evening, the Two Crabs and friend "A" went to an Independence Day festival and fireworks display at RAF Ruislip, a joint British-American Air Force base in northwest London. Security was understandably tight. U.S. Marines searched our bags and all guests were frisked and probed by metal detectors. But despite the security alert and the nonstop torrential downpours, despite that we were hanging out at a potential target, hundreds of people attended the festival.  British and American families, couples, singles, kids, packs of teenagers came out to enjoy the carnival rides, live pop bands, BBQ, beer and fireworks show (timed to Star Wars music!).  After returning to Central London, the Two Crabs stopped in Oxford Circus. It was nearly midnight but the streets were still packed with pub-goers.  Got home about 1am tonight and our neighborhood is still rocking. 

Thankfully, these terrorist attacks all failed. The car bombs were discovered by pure dumb luck. The flaming SUV fizzled out into smoke.  Although the plot appears to be growing hour by hour, Londoners seem to be taking it in stride. Life goes on. The Wimbledon tennis matches are still being served.  Tomorrow I'm covering the Concert for Diana, one of the year's most-anticipated events in London. And next week, the Tour du France comes to the streets of London.  Thousands of tourists are still in town.

Londoners have always been resolute in the face of adversity, from the World War II blitzkrieg to the IRA bombing campaign of the 1970s and 1970s, to the 7/7 bombings in 2005.

For now, we can only watch and wait, and hope nothing more materializes out of the current terrorist attempts. But if the terrorists' goals was to strike fear into Britons, they failed. Miserably.