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Posh WHO?

1wcoverbeckhamap_468x623 Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham and David Beckham are moving to America today. My question for you, dear reader, is: Does anybody give a rat's arse?

The Becks, as they are known in the British press, are household names around the world.  Not a day goes by that the British tabloids aren't running a photo of the pouty-faced, fake-boobed, rail-thin Posh or her famous football star husband.

The Becks are moving to Los Angeles because David Beckham has accepted a five-year contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy, after a sucessful career at Manchester United and, most recently, Real Madrid. He plays for the England national team. Although a bit older and slower now, he is still the Pele of his generation.  Posh is considered a fashion icon, with her own line of clothing and perfume.  The Becks are recognized everywhere on the planet...except the United States of America.

Apart from her brief stint in the Spice Girls, most Americans have no idea who Victoria Beckham is, let alone care about her move to America.  Even fewer Americans follow soccer (football) which, despite its growing popularity, is still considered a little girl's sport there.  Soccer never has, and never will be, as popular as American football, baseball or basketball.  The Beckhams are trying to change all that, by launching a massive publicity campaign in the American media with everybody from Matt Lauer to W magazine.

I can't imagine that Posh will care for LA, or vice-versa.  She's too, well, posh, for the relaxed and laid-back L.A. attitude and lifestyle.  David might do better, as he's seen as an average T-shirt and jeans kind of guy (albeit an average guy with $250 million contract). She loves publicity and the limelight, which she might get from the European paparazzi in Los Angeles. But will the American media or public care to follow her every move like they do in London?  Doubtful.