And the rockets' red glare...
Paris, revisited

Paris, London redux


Mrs. Crab narrowly missed being involved in a train wreck today. As she does every morning, Mrs. Crab took the Central line Tube to the East London school where she works.  About 15 minutes after she got to her destination, the train behind her DERAILED.  About three dozen people were injured, none seriously. But the gym at Mrs. Crab's school was used as a triage center for the injured. Talk about a close call.

731566990_73f4b8a599 Mr. Crab, meanwhile, is in Melun, France, a small suburb 30 miles southeast of Paris where he is covering the Eva Longoria-Tony Parker wedding. Woo hoo.  Tough gig but somebody had to do it.  The wedding reception is being held at the nearby Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte (above) in Maincy, France. Is this gorgeous, or what?

This chateau was built in 1656-1661 by Nicolas Fouquet, who served as finance Minister to King Louis XIV. When the king showed up to the castle's housewarming party in August 1661, he was so jealous of the mansion and the extravagant party that he had Fouquet arrested on trumped-up charges.  Not to be outdone, Louis XIV immediately ordered the construction of the much larger Palace of Versailles.