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Cobra helicopter over Baghdad

Cobra helicopter over Baghdad
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Today is Mrs. Crab's birthday! Happy birthday, my love! Mrs. Crab is currently stomping around Holland with my sister, who shall heretoforth be known as Mrs. Paris. I had a chance to call Mrs. Crab today as she was walking into am Albert Hein supermarket in The Hague (Den Haag) to buy stroopenwafels, which are a delicious Dutch cookie made of waffels and caramels.

Thanks to all the penicillin my translator/fixer bought me yesterday, I finally felt half-human today. I spent most of today covering the first diplomatic talks between the United States and Iran in nearly three decades (friends: see tomorrow's newspaper!). Not much breaking news, but fascinating story nonetheless for the fact that it even happened.

Came back to the bureau and attended a going-away party for a good friend who works at another paper. He and I keep running into each other at various sh*tholes around the world. Lots of shisha (hookah/nargila), whiskey and cheap Jordanian wine later, and I'm ready for bed.