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Man skis Angel Tube escalator!

A Norwegian nutter has made news for videotaping himself SKIING down the escalator of the Angel Underground Tube station, which is located just two blocks from our flat!  The Angel station contains the longest escalator in EUROPE (though it doesn't seem all that long to me because it's about the same length as the Dupont Circle metro escalator back home in Washington, D.C.!)  Anyway, a video of his stunt was posted on YouTube, and has been airing all morning today on BBC:   

Meanwhile, the authorities are NOT amused. Here's the article from today's Sun tabloid:

Ski daredevil in escalator stunt

A DAREDEVIL has skiied down a 300ft London Underground escalator, sparking a police investigation.

The Norwegian hurtled down a 300ft escalator - the longest in Europe - at Angel station in north London in a filmed display which was posted on internet video site YouTube.

LU said today: "This is a dangerous, stupid and irresponsible act that could have resulted in serious injury or death to not only the individual concerned but also other passengers.

"LU will press for the police to take the strongest possible action against anyone attempting a similar act on the Tube network."

The film of the stunt was shot from a camera in the man's helmet. The producer of the film said other people were not in danger as friends of the stuntman had warned passengers away.

British Transport Police is understood to be looking into the incident.