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Google Earth ROCKS!

Are you as obsessed with Google Earth as I am?  For those who aren't aware of this program, it's a free download that allows you to view satellite images of Earth in spectacular detail. The coolest feature is the fly-in mode that appears as if you are flying to your destination. I just downloaded the new version, which now offers 3D imagery of much of the planet. It's such a cool program that even CNN and other networks use it during their newscasts.  Just check out these images of the Trois Vallees (Three Valleys) ski resort in the French Alps, where we will be skiing one week from today! Click on the images to see the full-size version.


And here's the piste map of Meribel resort. Now I could just figure out how to super-impose these two images.

Finally, here's a closer, detailed satellite view of Meribel Centre in 3D, and the location of our chalet in case one of you stalkers wants to find us:


UPDATE: I figured out how to overlay a map and fold it over the terrain! Check out this shot of the Meribel resort piste (trail) map superimposed over a 3D satellite image of the area. It's not 100% accurate, due to the fact that the Frederique Hovat map is not to scale:

Here's a wider view of the entire Three Valley region (the largest ski resort in the world) with the Meribel ski resort overlay:

Overlay4 Meribelski3d