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Europe springs forward

At 1 a.m. today, our clocks sprung forward one hour for BST -- British Summer Time.  London, which is on Greenwich Mean Time, is once again 5 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Standard Time. And Continental Europe is 6 hours ahead of New York. Here in London, the time change means the sun will now set about 7pm. Woo hoo!  Check out this amusing article from today's Daily Telegraph:

LONDON (AFP) - As many countries prepare to change the clocks Sunday, one British newspaper cheekily suggested we should ditch the idea -- and make it GMT everywhere around the world.

Greenwich Mean Time, taking its name from Greenwich in southeast London, is the local time in Britain during the winter and is used across the globe as the time of reference.

At 0100 GMT Sunday, Britain switches to summer time and advances the clocks by one hour to 02:00 am local time.

But The Daily Telegraph, a staunchly patriotic broadsheet, said the clock-switching lark was plain irritating -- and came up with its own cunning plan get the world's clocks ticking to a British beat.

"The imposition is intolerable, and should be met with a more radical proposal than the retention of nature's own Greenwich Mean Time. We demand Global Time," the newspaper said in its editorial.

"In other words, if it is nine o'clock here, now, it should be nine o'clock all round the world," it insisted.

"It is no absurdity, for if we are to depart from natural time in any case, why not choose the neat solution of making the time in London the same as in New York?

"New Yorkers will get as used to the alarm going off at 11 o'clock as Australians have to eating Christmas dinner in high summer. The convenience to stock exchanges and travellers is obvious.

"As a British initiative, let it be known as Greenwich Global Time."