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Feliz Cumpleanos/Happy Birthday to me!

The Two Crabs and friends celebrated Mr. Crabs' birthday on Saturday, donning "fancy dress" (British slang for 'costumes') for a pub crawl through West London.  This photo of me and my "harem" was taken in Piccadilly Circus, London's version of Times Square. This was our first fancy dress event in London.  Wearing fancy dress is huge in Britain, and it's not just for Halloween. Every weekend you will see people in fancy dress for birthday parties, housewarming parties, holidays, Stag (Bachelor) and Hen (Bachelorette) Parties, football games, or for no reason whatsoever! It's just an occasion to let loose and be silly! 

P.S. My actual birthday is Tuesday, Jan. 30.  I'm still waiting for that PlayStation 3. Hint hint!