WHAT Green Zone?!?!??
War hits close to home

Crabs, crotches and Jessica Simpson

One of the coolest features of TypePad is the ability to track how users arrived to this blog. Some of the visitors to this site arrived through other friends' blogs. But the majority stumbled onto this site after being pointed here from Yahoo and Google search results.  And what were they searching for? Here's a few of the examples:

--"Britney Crotch Shot" (by far the most popular search this month!)

--Jessica Simpson photos

--Crabs, STDs

--Baghdad cab fare

--Selva Val Gardena photos

--Americans in London

--How do I fly to Baghdad?

--Paris Hilton

--Who was guy fawkes?

--Bon Jovi live tapes

--TomKat wedding photos

--Dragostea Din Tei  (Romanian song that was popular in Europe last summer, better known as the "Mi-ya-hee, Ma-ya-ho" song). 

So what does this little lesson prove?  Simple: If you want to increase traffic to your site, add a lot more celebrity gossip fluff news, and a lot less about the Iraq war and politics.

Go figure.