Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll

Sleepful in Baghdad

Last night, I slept for 10 straight hours. It was first time I had slept more than 6 hours in at least two weeks. And did I mention I'm in Baghdad?  After living in London -- with police sirens, buses and screaming drunks passing by our windows at all hours of the time -- sleeping in Baghdad is a piece of cake. Especially now that the government has imposed an emergency, indefinite curfew for all vehicles and pedestrians in Baghdad and closed all airports to commercial flights. The reason: a massive attack yesterday that killed more than 150 civilians.  Just another day in Baghdad. Absolutely nothing has changed. It's no better, no worse.  The only difference is all the landscaping. Yes, that's right. Landscaping. The road in front of my hotel has been decorated with beautiful flowers, trees, Iraqi flags, and the roundabout nearby has a new park with a lovely fountain and dozens of new benches -- a park with no visitors because people are too scared to venture out. Check out this parody from today's issue of "Onion.com":

CNN Renews This Week At War For Next Eight Seasons

ATLANTA—CNN officials announced that they will be carrying the popular news show This Week At War through the 2014 season. "We're confident that we'll have at least eight full seasons worth of material for this property," said CNN President Jonathan Klein during the dedication of the new 11-story TWAW news headquarters in Kuwait City. "And believe me, we're going to be going in some surprising new directions. A premise like this can go on for a generation." In addition to TWAW's extended renewal, CNN is retooling existing news shows to give them a more martial focus, most notably The Situation And War Room, and Lou Dobbs Tonight In The Middle Of A Pitched Street Battle Between Sunni And Shiite Extremists.