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I'M GOBSMACKED!  ABSOLUTELY GOBSMACKED!  A few weeks ago I mentioned that one of my photographs had been chosen as a finalist in an Islington photography contest focusing on London transportation.

Well...I WON!  I WON!  I WON!

The contest was judged by the public, who voted on their favorite photos at an exhibit last week. My entry was an artsy, time-lapse photo of a Routemaster double-decker bus, taken last December in Angel, Islington. It was the last night before the Rouemaster bus was retired forever after 50+ years. It has since been replaced by a hideous, single-decker, non-photogenic "bendy bus." 

541162392_bg And I didn't just win some cheezy ribbon or pat on a back. I won a Canon 30D digital SLR with 18-55mm lens...retail value $1,500 USD!!!!!  I've never won anything valuable in my life!  (Not counting the $500 I won gambling on craps in The Palms, Las Vegas).

The Canon 30D is my dream camera; it's one generation ahead of my current SLR, the Canon 20D.  I absolutely love my 20D but it has a few quirks that have been corrected in the new version.

Unfortunately the "awards ceremony" is being held at the Town Hall on Wednesday, when I'll be in Baghdad, so Mrs. Crab will be accepting the prize on my behalf.

Anyone want to by a used Canon20D for cheap? Except for a few minor scratches, it's in perfect condition!  :o)