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Castle TomKat

Odescalchi Castle, Brecciano, Italy: 18 November 2006
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Greetings from Bracciano, Italy, where I'm here to cover the biggest celebrity wedding of the year between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. It's all over now. TomKat are married. But many residents (and paparazzi) felt snubbed that the celebs never came out of their tinted-window limos to greet the crowd, many who waited hours in the rain to see their favourite stars. Oh well.

Tomkat aside, Bracciano is a gorgeous little village, located about an hour north of Rome. A beautiful fairy-tale town with cobblestoned roads and a castle in the heart of town. Every town should have a castle, and ever castle should look like this, with round turret towers, high walls and battlements. I shall have to return to this town again with Mrs. Crab in a non-working capacity.

Have I mention how much I love Italy? Great weather, great food, great people. Except for Rome. The first day I got here, the taxi driver short-changed me by 40 euros. Bastard. Rome has lots of cool sites to see but the town itself is kind of scuzzy. Litter everywhere. The alleys smell of urine. The metro cars are covered in grafitti. Annoying beggers everywhere. Get me back to Bracciano!