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MacBook Blues & Boos

My brand-spanking new MacBook 2.0 laptop is in the shop. I'm suffering serious computer and internet withdrawl, not to mention a bit of anger and resentment at Apple - Macintosh for pushing what they claim is a superior product than IBM.  I've had nothing but problems with my MacBook since I bought it in mid-August.  The biggest problem is also the most common among Macbook users -- RSD, or Random-Shutdown Syndrome. For no apparant reason, my MacBook shuts down, sometimes 6 or 7 times a day. There is no rhyme or reason as to why it happens. Sometimes it occurs when I'm using Microsoft Word, or when im surfing the net, or watching a DVD. No particular software or task is setting off the shutdown. 

My other problem is the cheap-ass plastic that was used to make the keyboard. After less than 2 months of use, the keyboard and palm rest area is discolored, turning some keys black and other parts of the body are turning urine-yellow. Quite disheartening.

About two weeks ago, I spent over an hour on the phone with AppleCare customer support. They had me run various tests and eventually diagnosed a hardware problem. My laptop is now sitting in a shop near our flat, MR Systems, whose "customer service reps" are now refusing to return my calls about the status of my machine, which they have now had for 10 days.   Sometimes I hate computers.  This is my Halloween nightmare.

Speaking of Halloween, tomorrow is my favorite holiday ever. Sadly, it's barely celebrated in Britain.  Oh sure, you can buy costumes at Woolworth's, and even pumpkins (dubbed "scary veg") at Sainsbury's grocery store chain. But that's about it. Trick-or-treating is rare. Mostly, adults dress up and go to pubs for costume parties; or a few kids might put on their costumes (Brits call it "fancy dress") for a local party at a school or park. But nothing about Halloween in the UK is "scary". Most of the costumes involve sexy witches and devil girls or handsome vampire dudes and smiling clowns. I miss Halloween...