Greetings from Berlin!
Greetings from Amsterdam!

Greetings from Berlin!

Dammit to hell, I just finished typing a long report about our trip to date, and stupid TypePad erased my entry. So here is the abridged version:

The Two Crabs are on a low-budget packpacking trip across northern Europe. So far we have hit Denmark, Sweden and Germany.


First stop - Copenhagen, Denmark. Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park smack in the middle of the city, was the highlight, where we celebrated a REAL AMERICAN-STYLE HALLOWEEN!  Thousands of pumpkins, costumes, etc. It was the first place in Europe where we have seen Halloween celebrated tot he extent it is in the USA. Other than that, the citz was overrated.

Much nicer was Malmo Sweden, a beautiful cobblestoned seaside town on the Baltic Sea. 

Now weäre in Berlin, staying at a reallz nice hostel, with our own bathroom, private room, breakfast all for 40 euros a night. much nicer than some 3 star hotels where we have paid $100 for a room!

More photos and reports TK.