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Borough Market, London

Borough Market, London
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The awesomest, coolest, neatest, hippest, tastiest market in London: Borough Market. Located just south of London Bridge on the banks of the Thames River, Borough Market is a foodies paradise where you can find everything from fresh fruit and veg to Ostrich burgers and Sierra Nevada beer. Next week, Borough Market celebrates its 250th anniversary! The market operates 7 days a week, but it is only open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays. The rest of the week it's strictly a wholesale market where vendors from across London buy their foodstuff from farmers. It's a favorite of gourmet chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver and regular wannabe chefs like yours truly. It's also about the only place in England where you can find fresh Mexican chilis and tortillas to make authentic meals like chocolate mole poblano and tamales. The only downside for us locals is that the market has become a major tourist attraction, and it's now nearly impossible to run there quickly for everyday ingredients. It's so busy and packed with crowds that going to Borough Market is a half-day event. But it's the absolute freshest and best selection of organic food anywhere in England!