The Day After
The "symbol" of Rehoboth Beach

Homeward Bound

Summer_176 After nearly a year of living, working and playing in London, we're going home today to the big Apple Pie in the Sky: The States...USA...The United States of America...or as the Brits say simply, "America." 

The Two Crabs are both excited and nervous about our first trip home. For me, personally, I'm doubly-nervous to see how much things have changed in DC and Virginia.  You see, until we moved to London, I had never lived more than 30 miles from where I was born in Washington, D.C.  I'm wondering whether I will even recognize my hometown, the people, the places, and most of all, Americans' attitudes about current events and the direction this country is going.

After our two-week holiday, I'm also worried about the prospect of having to return to London, where I am now jobless.  That's right.

I quit. 

After 11 years of "loyal service" to my company, I resigned from my job. Tuesday was my last day. My friends and colleagues at work took me out to a local pub and we drowned our collective sorrows.  Honestly I wasn't happy at the way things turned out, but in a way, it was time to move on. And had I not been put into the difficult position that led to me quitting, I probably would have lived out the rest of my career there, snug as a bug in my comfortable, secure job, growing ever resentful until I became a grumpy old man, just sitting around filling space in a cubicle until I retired and joined the league of old hasbeen writers, sitting around a pub telling old war stories about the people we've interviewed, stories we've covered.  (Geez that was a long sentence).

I realized I had become too "comfortable" where I was. It took a big kick in the pants to  motivate me into trying something new.  So though I'm worried about where my next paycheck will be coming from, I'm also excited at the unknown, the future, the undiscovered country.

Financially, we have a bit of cash saved up so I can take my time finding my next place in life.  But neither do I want to lolly-gag. I want and need work, now!  Not just to pay bills, but for money to play, to explore, to TRAVEL! 

And our next travel adventure begins today, assuming our flight from Heathrow actually makes it out on time and lands at its intended destination without diversions, security scares or old crazy ladies going bonkers.   

Washington or bust!