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Scottish Highlands
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The Two Crabs have just returned to London after a short break in Scotland. We had a fantastic trip to visit our friends in Glasgow, a 5 hour train ride from London. The highlight came Saturday when we rented a car and drove up to the Scottish Highlands. Absolutely breathtaking! Words can't describe how beautiful this part of the world.

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On Sunday, we drove to St. Andrews on the east coast of Scotland, a small beach village on the North Sea. It also happens to be the world capital of golf and the home of St. Andrews University (alma mater of Prince William). We later stopped in Edinburgh, took in the sights of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival before returning to Glasgow to rock away the night. Returned to London on Monday evening.

Now we're back to the grind, trying to finish moving into our new flat. Unfortunately we're having a major fight with our landlord. They replaced the broken fridge/freezer unit with only a dorm-style refrigerator. That's right: NO FREEZER! And they refuse to give us a freezer/fridge combination because the LAST TENANT broke the freezer by failing to defrost the unit. That's right: we're being discriminated because of what a previous tenant did to the unit. What the hell! We're seriously considering getting a lawyer and suing in small claims court. Stay tuned.