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It's hot. Damn hot!

London sunset at 10pm

London sunset at 10pm
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London is currently experiencing an unusual heatwave. It was 92 today and temperatures are forecast to hit 97 on Wednesday! The average high for July is 70-72. We're also still in the middle of the worst drought in 100 years. We're going on two weeks without a drop of rain.

Summertime in London is absolutely beautiful. The city takes on a new look, the smell of barbecues fill the air, locals flock to the parks for picnics and sunbathing.

My favorite part of London are the long days of sunshine. Because we are so far north (we're on the same latitude as Newfoundland and Calgary, Canada) the sun does not set until 10pm, and it does not really get pitch-black dark until about 11pm!

All Londoners are out on the streets until late evening, even on weekdays. The outdoor tables at pubs are always packed. With school letting out this week for summer vacation, the kids are out until the wee hours, running through our neighborhood, setting off firecrackers and other forms of mischief.

This photo was taken from our living room window in beautiful Angel, Islington just before 10 in the evening. Pink sky at night = sailor's delight!