London sunset at 10pm
Exmouth Market, London

It's hot. Damn hot!

Img_7843_1   London is in the middle of a heatwave.  It was 92 in London today. On Wednesday, the UK broke its all-time highest recorded temperature: 99.5. 

I'm sure we won't get any sympathy from those of you on the other side of the pond, sweltering in Washington's 100 degree, 100% humidity weather.  But let me put it into perspective.

The average daytime high temperature in July is 70.  SEVENTY! 

We do NOT have air conditioning.  In fact, most houses and apartments in northern Europe do NOT have aircon.  Even worse, there is no air conditioning on the London Underground trains and buses.  A local newspaper this week recorded temperatures of 117 on trains and 125 on buses!  Let me tell you, it has NOT been fun commuting on the sardine-cramped buses and trains that reek of B.O.

On top of all this, southeast England is currently experiencing the worst drought in 100 years. We haven't seen so much as a raindrop this month.

Locals and tourists are flocking to the pools or beaches.  Above, I photographed these French teenagers wading (illegally) in one of the famous fountains in Trafalgar Square, London's main town square.

Meanwhile, we're taking advantage of the nice weather. Pineapple Princess' friend from California is visiting us for a few weeks. We're planning on hitting some of the free street festivals this weekend and maybe a picnic in Hyde Park this Sunday. Photos TK!

In the meantime, my sister-in-law (still searching for a nickname for you, sis), has rightfully taken me to task for not posting photos of her visit to London/Amsterdam/Paris earlier this summer with her hubby.  So here ya go! 


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