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Sarastro Restaurant, London

Sarastro Restaurant, London
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On Sunday, the Two Crabs attended the birthday party of a British gal pal. The party was held at Sarastro Restaurant in Covent Garden. It's one of those places you either love or hate. From the outside it looks like a plain cement block building but inside, it's like walking onto a film set. The narrow room has been transformed into a mini opera house, complete with balcony-level private booths overlooking the main floor. Every square inch of the interior is covered in gold foil, purple velvet, Italian masks, paintings, a giant gold statue of a man with an erect, umm, member, and other odd knick-knacks.

During the dinner, strolling musicians perform classical music and opera at the top of their lungs. Dinners are encouraged to clap or sing along. And the stranges part of this place has to be the bathrooms ("toilets" for you Brits). The bathroom walls are covered from floor to ceiling with erotic -- some may say pornographic -- artwork. I would have loved to seen the expression on these kids' faces when they walked into the bathroom!

Click on the Flickr icon on the right to see photos of the erotic artwork. NOT for kids or the easily-offended!