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Think Snow!

(Yes, I'm bragging.  This is a picture of where we're heading tomorrow: Val Gardena, Italy.  For the geography nuts, it's located in the northeast corner of Italy near the Austrian border. The nearest major city is Bolzano.)

The Two Crabs are heading to northern Italy tomorrow for a week of sking the Alps. Woo hoo!  Old Scratch, if I do say so myself, has become quite the skier considering I only learned to ski three years ago.  Last year my mum-in-law gave me a partial season pass ticket to Ski Liberty, a small ski resort in Pennsylvania just across the Maryland border. I spent every Friday there last winter honing my skills. But I'm still nowhere near as good a skier as Old Speckled Hen, who jumps moguls as if they were tiny ant-hills.

Anyway, the Crabs will be sharing the slopes with Old Scratch's sister and her family, who live in Paris...and her husband's brother's family from NYC.  It's a family reunion, Alpine-style (insert your own Von Trapp joke here). 

Incidentally, the Torino Olympics in Italy also begin tomorrow. But those are taking place on the northWEST corner of Italy, about 200 miles away. Go USA!