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While exploring our city last weekend, we discovered the wonderful Borough Market in south London. It's a food market that sells all sorts of wonderful treats from around the world like fresh-baked bread, French cheese, English hams, venison burgers, Lebanese strawberries, etc. The Two Crabs, who can spot a "Tasty B" (Tasty Beverage, i.e. beer) from a mile away, made a "B" line for the beer vendor who was selling cerveza from around the globe with such names as Spotted Dick Ale and Hell.

And suddenly, there it was. Buried at the bottom row in a tucked-away shelf, was a green 24-ounce bottle with the familiar logo of Sierre Nevada Pale Ale. It may not seem like much, but in all our travels, the Two Crabs have never found a beer we both love as much as Sierra Nevada. Pineapple Princess even made a pilgrimage last year to the Sierre Nevade brewery in Chico, Calif. Needless to say, we bought that bottle of Pale Ale (3 pounds, or $5.31), along with two 12-ounce bottles of Sierre Nevada Celebration Ale (1 pound, 50 pence apiece, or $2.65). Mmmm, mmmm! Our first taste of the sweet nectar of the Sierre Neveada gods in four months. Hopefully not the last.