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A Weekend in Paris

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Greetings from Paris. The Two Crabs, having thoroughly exhausted London sightseeing, hopped over to Paris for the weekend.

Only 2 hours, 15 minutes aboard the high-speed Eurostar train through the Channel Tunnel (aka The Chunnel). At about $200 roundtrip, it ain't cheap. You can fly for about $75 roundtrip. But when you take into account all the transfers to get from downtown to the airports, the time involved for security check-in, transfers, etc., there is no competition. You can't beat the train for convenience.

Anyway, we had some amazing weather, about 72-74 and sunny. Hard to believe it's late October! As we've been to Paris many times, we skipped the sightseeing and mostly just hung out with Old Scratch's sister, who is lucky enough to live in the heart of Paris near the Eiffel Tower. And went a little crazy with shopping as the Euro is much better against the US Dollar than the British Pound Sterling.

We're already planning our next weekend getaway and our shortlist includes Rome, Vienna, Sevilla and Bruges, amongst others. Tough life, eh?

But it's not without it's downsides. Old Scatch will soon be heading back to the warzone (Iraq) for a few weeks. Ugh.