One Step Closer
Our new home!

London recon!

Uk_018Greetings all. We're back from a 4-day weekend in London to search for our dream flat. The bad news is, we didn't get a flat yet. We put down applications on several flats, but we were rejected by all the landlords because they needed a renter immediately and we can't move until late August.

But the good news is we've settled on the neighborhood where we want to live: Angel. It was a beautiful street full of cool restaurants, bars, cafes, cute shops, and quiet tree-lined side streets. It reminded me of Georgetown and Dupont Circle in Washington, but without the tourists of Georgetown or late-night craziness of Dupont. In the meantime, we have a few other offers floating around. We're in a wait-and-see mode.

Yes, London is expensive. But having lived in DC area all my life, it actually wasn't as outrageous as we thought it would be.  I'm sure visitors from Iowa would think otherwise! Some things are more expnsive, the main one being housing. The flats we're looking are about 500 square feet and cost the same amount as what we're paying now for a 1,500 sq ft, three-story townhouse in Arlington!  Food and drink is just slightly above DC prices, but at least you don't have to tip. But grocery stuff is relatively cheap. A fresh loaf of bread sells for 25 pence, less than 50 cents. 

Our paperwork is coming along.  M is sending in her application for a work visa tomorrow and I've just completed my visa exemption paperwork. Keep your fingers crossed.

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