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Dag Butchie!

I'm legal!

Jimmie crab writes: I got my UK work visa on Saturday! Woo hoo! I can now legally work in the UK for 12 months. The downside is the morons at the British consulate made the start date of my visa as the date I submitted my paperwork, which was June 8, even though I clearly stated I would not be starting work until September 1. So this means I'll have to resubmit another application 9 months after we arrive. Morons!

Sook crab's visa application is in the mail and now we're just watching and waiting.

Joint crab news: On Monday, our credit card was charged a HUGE amount to cover six weeks deposit, our first months rent, the agent commission, plus a 2% penalty for using a credit card for the agency, plus a 3% penalty from Visa for foreign currency exchange fee. To put it in laymen's terms: we are EXTREMELY in debt now. I dont think i've ever owed so much one a credit card at one time. However it's just temporary. We're selling our car soon, which will knock our debt in half. And we still have 10 weeks of paychecks coming in before our big move. 

Editor's note
For you not Chesapeake Bay area natives: A "Jimmie" is a male crab; a "sook" is a female crab.