I'm legal!
We are all British

Dag Butchie!

She-Crab received her UK work visa yesterday: AND IT HAD THE WRONG NAME ON IT!  They printed her maiden name, even though her visa application and amended passport clearly listed her legal name.  Now we have to send it back to NYC where hopefully the British consulate will get their act together.

Meanwhile, we've officially reached a point of no return:  Yesterday, we purchased two nonfundable, one-way tickets to London!  We got a fare of $330 per person for flights from Washington National to London Gatwick (transfer in Philly), which is a ridiculously cheap fare considering it's high season and it's one-way.

I found this fare on a consolidator website called BT Store (www.bt-store.com).  I highly recommend them for flights from US to Europe. BT has a decent rating on the Better Business Bureau website too.  They are a bit difficult to use at first; unlike Orbitz or other major sites, you don't actually purchase the ticket online. First you make your reservation, and then within 24 hours a human will determine whether the seat and price you reserved it still available. If it's accepted, you must fax a copy of your credit card and driver's license to their California office. Your ticket will arrive either via e-mail if it's an e-ticket, or FexEx for paper tickets. But it was worth it to save $100 per ticket from the next cheapest fare I had seen on Orbitz!