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One Step Closer

Union_jack1 The hardest part of this whole move to UK experience has been the endless amoutn of paperwork. But we're starting to see the light.  "She-Crab" has received her UK work permit!!  Woo-hoo!  Now she's in the process of obtaining her British teacher credentials. She still has to get her work visa.

"Jimmy-crab", is still lally-gagging and hasn't done any paperwork, but it's not my fault. My employers still haven't given me the proper paperwork I need from them. The good thing is, as a journalist, I do NOT need a work permit or work visa, saving us a couple of hundred clams. But I do need to obtain a special document that verifies I am a journalist and obtain a special permit that will allow me to make unlimited UK entries and exists.

We're heading to London two weeks from today to go flat-shopping. Wish us luck!


Img_0178Another year, another successful Vegas trip for the backpacker boyz club (who have long-since graduated from hostels to 4-star resorts). I'd blog more about our Vegas trip, but, you know...

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