T-minus 4 months

We're tentatively set to move to London on Tuesday, Aug. 23. Or thereabouts...more TK.

Good news. I'm getting paid during our stint to London. Originally I feared I was going to have to take an unpaid leave of absence, or worse, quit my job.  But after much begging and pleading, Big Brother has decided to bankroll our new life in Europe. But the bad news is it means I'll probably be traveling a lot and will barely get to enjoy our new city.  That's the sacrifice.

We're planning a HUGE yard sale on Saturday, May 7 to sell our CRAP we've accumulated during our five years of marraige.  Meanwhile, we have two people interested in buying our car, and a good lead on somebody who wants to rent our house. 

Check out my new photo album at the right, slugged "DC Cherry Blossoms."  All the shots were taken with my new Canon 20D. Nothing too fancy here, all the photos were taken using the camera's full auto setting or the built-in Macro mode, with an 18-55mm lens.  Due to space constraints on this server, I reduced the resolution from 8 to 2 megapixels. But other than that, nothing has been changed.