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The older we get, the more "minimalist" we've become.  In preparing for our move across the pond, we've suddenly realized just how much USELESS CRAP we own. 

We spent the past two weekends doing an inventory of our attic (ah yes, the exciting life of married couple). Until this month, I could count on one hand the number of times I've gone into that attic. Anything that hasn't been opened, used or touched in two years was on our hit list. We separated stuff we're giving to goodwill, stuff we're selling at a yard sale or eBay; and stuff we're tossing.  I've thrown out about 10 huge garbage bags of JUNK.

The largest category of trash was old newspapers, most which I have no idea why I saved. Some of the papers contained old stories I wrote ages ago, that I'm now embarrased to read.  Others were front pages of notable news stories that no longer seem that important to me (Soviet Union falls; two months worth of papers chronicling Desert Shield/Desert Storm), all destined for the recyling bin. But  I did keep two boxes of newspapers containing some of my favorite stories I've written; some papers for purely sentimental reasons (four years worth of George Mason University's "Broadside") and some that covered major news events that I still find relevant (Jan. 1, 2000; Sept. 11, 2001; "Man Walks on Moon" original papers that my mom saved from July 20, 1969).

As for eBay, I've never been a particularly big fan or user, but I have managed to see a few trinkets in the past few weeks. We've made a decent among of scratch by selling furniture, old movie press kits, Star Trek memorabelia, old Magic the Gathering cards and an old useless Nikon camera that doesn't even work.

Now if I could only find a grilled cheese sandwich with the image of Jesus Christ, we'd be all set.